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The 2017 show will be on 6 April 2017

Visitors come for FREE. Book your tickets now.

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Show schedule

Full details below time table.

08.00     Exhibitor & VIP Breakfast networking with speaker Dr Margaret Inman led by Phil Jones

10.00     SHOW OPENS

10.30 – Seminar One – Nigel t Packer – Usability and findability – How to get a website that works for your business. More Info

10.30 – Workshop One – ION Leadership –  Understanding the Job To Be Done. A look at Innovation and Marketing. More info

10.30 – Workshop Two – GWLAD –  Benefits of Work-based Learning More info

11.00 – Cookery Demonstration with Cyril Royer

11.20 – Workshop Three – Chris Olchawski – What are you really selling? & what will make more people buy it? More info

11.20 – Workshop Four – Dr Bridget – 3 ways to stop sabotaging your Business Success More info

11.40 – Cookery Demonstration with Nige Jones

11.45 – Seminar Two  – Nigel Botterill –  The 5 Steps to Business Heaven More info

12.10 – Workshop Five – GWLAD – Benefits of Work-based Learning More info

12.10 – Workshop Six – ION Leadership – Understanding the Job To Be Done. A look at Innovation and Marketing. More info

12.40 – Cookery Demonstration with Caerwyn Ash

13.00 – Seminar Three – Joy Ogeh-Hutfield – More info

13.20 – Cookery Demonstration with Cyril Royer

14.00 – Workshop Seven – Dr Bridget –  How to increase your love for your business More info

14.00 – Workshop Eight – Chris Olchawski – The only 3 ways to grow your business! More info

14.40 – Cookery Demonstration with Caerwyn Ash

16.00     Show closes