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Show bags are going to look fantastic!

We love the look of our eco-friendly cotton show bags with clear branding of our sponsor Eco Technology Ltd

To make sure you get one, book your place now, you can also book onto the workshops or seminars here

And the last one goes to….

The show opens at 10am on Thursday and the last stand has been taken by The Welsh Business Show. See them on stand 56 (actually 60 stands and business at the show) and find out what they and all the other fabulous businesses offer plus see THREE great chefs in action plus a Bounce Fit demonstration, THREE inspiring seminars and EIGHT practical workshops.

So, see you there. Selwyn Samuel Centre, Llanelli at 10am. (Just behind the leisure centre)

I will be offering 2 Business Growth Workshops at Carms Means Biz

Chris Olchawski  From the desk of Chris Olchawski

I will be offering 2 Business Growth Workshops at the Carms Means Biz Exhibition , taking place on April 6th at the Selwyn Samuel Centre, Llanelli

I will be doing 2 FREE workshop sessions, one will be on “The only 3 ways to grow your business!”

Quite literally there are just 3 ways to grow a business! Are you maximising each of them?

In this session, I will be trying to make sure you leave with some answers for your business!

The other workshop will be on

“What are you really selling? & what will make more people buy it?”

Will focus on these three questions

  •    What are your customers buying?
  •    Why do your customers choose you?
  •    How do your prospects know the answers to 1 & 2

Get some pointers, ideas and possibly some inspiration to take away and use!

There will be a full on business exhibition as well as other seminars and workshops, get your free tickets from the website –

Free tickets and seminar booking

I hope to see you on the 6th!

Keep busy


Chris Olchawski – Workshop Eight – 14.00 – The only 3 ways to grow your business!

Chris OlchawskiChris revels in being that rarest of beasts a business adviser with actual experience of running a business and working for himself! This year is his 10th working with business owners, helping them to achieve the changes they need, whether that is increasing bottom line profit, finding new customers  or sorting out a bit more time! His workshops will be focussed on running a business in the real world of Carmarthenshire. His watchwords  are practical, realistic and affordable!

Quite literally there are just 3 ways to grow a business! Are you maximising each of them?

In this session Chris will be trying to make sure you leave with some answers for your business Book your seat here




Dr Bridget – Workshop Seven – 14.00 – How to increase your love for your business

Onelife Life Coaching Carms Means Biz

Dr Bridget Kirsop of Onelife Coaching

Dr Bridget takes us through a fun process of change for the purpose of increasing our love for our business (and also our life). It is based on a globally used system where you can identify the changes needed and the level that they happen at. Dr Bridget runs NLP courses and teaches her students this technique which can then be used with our colleagues and clients.

Again, an interactive workshop from the only medically trained NLP Trainer in the UK – a unique combination.

Reserve your place here 


ION Leadership – Workshop Six – 12.10 – Understanding the Job To Be Done. A look at Innovation and Marketing.

Innovation is still painfully hit-or-miss. But with an understanding of the “job” for which customers find themselves “hiring” a product or service, companies can more accurately develop and market products well-tailored to what customers are already trying to do.

At ION leadership we have seen the exceptional business results that can be achieved by a deeper understanding of the customer. Join us at  this free to attend event to: ION Leadership

  • Find out how to get a deeper insight into your customers
  • Learn how to recognize what your customers want
  • Develop techniques to more accurately develop and market products
  • Discover what makes the ION leadership approach fun, effective and transformational

A must attend event for executives book here



GWLAD – Workshop Five – 12.10 – Benefits of Work-based Learning

This interactive workshop will explore the nature of work-based learning and highlight the opportunities and benefits for the student, the employer and the business alike.  GWLAD University of Wales Trinity Saint DavidWe will learn first-hand from current and previous students what engaging with this particular kind of learning has meant for them, using speakers, media clips and fun exercises.  There will be opportunities to find out about the funding available through the GWLAD project over the next 18 months – which makes now a good time to embark upon this unique way of working and studying, where the workplace is a primary consideration. Reserve you place





Nigel botterill – Seminar Two – 11.45 – The 5 Steps to Business Heaven

Nigel Botterill is a Solihull-based straight-talking UK entrepreneur and bestselling author who has built eight separate £million+ businesses from scratch. Nigel is passionate about business/marketing; he now devotes a big chunk of his time to helping other entrepreneurs.
I do this by sharing my business growth and marketing expertise in lots of different ways. Mentoring, training, and teaching – it’s all practical marketing help for UK business owners and it’s having a heck of an impact.

I’ve spent the last ten years investing heavily in learning from the very best in the world. This learning now gets fed back to the Entrepreneurs Circle members.

I’m very proud of the fact that Entrepreneur’s Circle is now the largest membership organisation in the UK devoted to business growth.

In his high energy, fast paced talk, Nigel Botterill, shares The 5 Steps to Business Heaven


Botterill’s unique combination of humour, searing honesty and blunt Yorkshireman straight-talking means that you’ll not only learn loads but be royally entertained along the way…   Book your seat


Dr Bridget – Workshop Four – 11.20 – 3 ways to stop sabotaging your Business Success

Dr Bridget talks about how we can often “Get In Our Own Way” when we are running a business. She tells us why this happens, the symptoms of self-sabotage, and what we can do about it so that success is easy and enjoyable.

This is an interactive session from a top NLP Trainer and Business Coach based in South Wales- it’s certainly one of those workshops where you have lots of light-bulb moments and lots of opportunities to ask questions.

Book on here






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#CMB2017 Day 14 of #14DaysOfWinners and we're ending back at the start - or more accurately, with the business who took the #StartUp award. A few years ago, most people had neither heard of nor had any interest in issues relating to #JapaneseKnotweed but that's very much changed as this unwanted guest silently spreads and it rather likes the South Wales area: Swansea alone has enough to cover over 100 full-size rugby pitches and its ability to grow at a yard a week plus its prolific and invasive roots system is quietly doing damage to properties and premises all over the UK: it's costing us about £166 MILLION in weed control and property devaluation EVERY YEAR: its presence can be a make-or-break issue for many house sales. Food for thought? Indeed.
Knotweed Support - Invasive Weed Specialists cover all of the south #Wales area and have committed fully to sustainable and environmentally-friendly removal and control of this pest and they may be a new business but there's substantial experience being drawn upon as they tackle the problem. Find out more about them at
Congratulations to these #worthywinners; we wish you and business continued success 🙂
#sirgar #carmarthenshire #sustainable #ecofriendly #llanelli #swansea #abertawe #branchingout

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#CMB2017 Day 13 of our #14DaysOfWinners and the category that we're looking back on today is that recognising the best provider of #ProfessionalBusinessServices. It's a wide category because the kinds of businesses that Wales is home to is as varied in type, size and mission as it's possible to be so we needed to find a winner who had something to offer everyone reliably, effectively and accurately.
We're very happy to report that Wynne and Co, Chartered Accountants was the winner of this category: they consistently offer their clients the most practical, economical and pro-active business advice and tax assistance. Many congratulations to the team in their success!
#sirgar #awardwinning #finance #HMRC #taxreturns #accounts #financialstatements #carmarthenshire

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#CMB2017 it's day 12 of our #14DaysOfWinners and we've arrived at the #FoodAndDrink category. The winners are a team who offer guests a simply beautiful setting in every way; their interior is just a delight, the views perfect and the staff tight-knit, committed and warm. This year's winner was The Plough Inn at Rhosmaen; pay them a visit for a meal, a break or one of their #WeddingFairs - they do, after all, offer the ideal #awardwinning venue for your #BigDay. Find out more about them at
Llongyfarchiadau i'r tim. Wonderful to meet you all 🙂
#northcarms #llandeilo #sirgar #carmarthenshire #diwrnodmawr #weddingbelles #priodasperffaith #boutiquehotel #elegant #croesocynnes #warmwelcome

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#CMB2017 We've got as far as day 11 of our #14DaysOfWinners and today, the spotlight falls on the winner of our #PropertyServicesAndTrades section. The business who took this award was a runner-up in the #StartUp section too and when you have a look at an example of her work here you'll understand why. She's a young Interior designer who can offer every kind of improvement on any kind of budget. Emily May Interiors are based in #Narberth but cover all of South Wales and when you look at the magic she can work, we know you'll be impressed. Llongyfarchiadau i Emily May Interiors! #sirgar #carmarthenshire #sirbenfro #pembrokeshire #interiordesign #newbusiness #BuyLocal #PrynynLleol ...

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This was one of our favourite stands at #CMB2017Show John Street Gallery #Llanelli - fabulous artwork by Denise Di Battista deal for home or Office ...

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